SALT – Why do people get salt wrong?

Salt is a very important part of the diet and its components play essential roles in your body. But why do people get salt wrong?

They don’t understand it, it’s been given a bad name, by everyone. Doctors preach its badness. They are taught that its bad. No one has ever questioned it, but they are beginning to realise that it is actually good for us now that people have realized that there are good and bad salts…

When we are sick and in hospital, or on deaths door, why do we get connected to a saline drip, if Salt is bad for us?

Salt is such an important part of our being in every sense of the word as long as it is used in moderation, and in saying that – it’s the good type of Salt not the refined types of Salt I am talking about.

There are two categories of Salts that we should look at Refined salts (Table Salt) and Natural occurring (unrefined Salts). The latter is the purest salt without any intervention. These are the salt we should be using!

Basically we are really supposed to take not more than 5 grams of salt per person added to our food on a daily basis. There is salt in most foods that one purchases from milk through to bread through to the preservatives. You can imagine that it is included in nearly all foods bought of a shelf these days. They however generally contains of those salts that are the bad ones, not the good ones. Good ones being obviously the naturally occurring salts. Our body contains about 250 grams of salt at any one time. Our body is 80% salt inside. We consume just over 7 kilograms of salt per year!

Yours in Food.
Craig Cormack (Chef Patron)