Bespoke Woodwork


Fabio Marco Obertufer is a South African of Swiss origin. He grew up in Stellenbosch, South Africa, surrounded by the vineyards of the Cape Winelands.

After finishing a degree in photography, the woodcraft bug bit. Fabio developed an affinity for the techniques of this trade while doing an apprenticeship and he began to experiment with his own designs. In 2003, he set out to create his own unique range and Fabio Marco Bespoke Design was born.

Between 2003, the year of creation of his company, and today, Fabio has followed the path of nature, surfing on the waves of the Indian and Atlantic oceans, working under under globally recognised ski and snow photographer Oskar Enander, and strolling through the coffee roasting houses of Baltimore which served as a springboard into his coffee affair. The South African & Swiss ancestral blood in his veins mixes to produce a casual blend of African realism and an easy European attitude.
Fabio has settled in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he roasts coffee and makes solid wood furniture – tables, stools, bookcases, shelves – unique and made-to-order pieces. Fabio sees the imperfections in a piece of wood and finds ways to highlight them. This is where art and nature collide, and he has mastered this union perfectly. His work truly is bespoke and his signature pieces capture an eclectic mix of fine Swiss lines and warm African chunk.

So where can you find his work? Furniture at Caffe Bellini, Blackbird, Caftaya, Tramezzni, Pavillon, The Lacustre, La Grappe d’Or, Bravo in Vevey, Lido San Domenico, and La Buvette Lugano are just a few. And his work for private clients is an art in itself.

Turning our passions into successes often takes a herculean effort. Sacrifice, dedication, believing in a dream and, above all, believing in himself, has led to the ultimate reward. His only guideline has been to follow his passions, and his work is a salute to the success of living by this ideal.