Today we, believe it or not are more dependent on Salt – now more than ever before.

There are more than 14 000 uses for this amazing mineral. People take it so for granted and don’t think twice, but exploring chefs and the public are beginning to separate themselves from the commercial version – which is heavily broken down and chemically driven.

The public in our current day are beginning to look at all things as well as Salt to see where they can eat well with integrity and safely. Before we accepted what was put forward but now the public are asking questions and read about the products they use…

Through that journey people are using techniques of what was almost forgotten when our grandparents has put a pinch of Salt in their coffee, just to lift that flavour of the coffee. People have become more aware what they are putting in their bodies, while food is being manipulated and stretched to feed the ever growing populations, which is in turn really bad for us. The examples are endless of what people are putting in our food.

Salt was used in the preservation of food. Having no refrigeration in the early days, it was the way all items were preserved. The food was salty and was there to do one important job. Today we find a delicate balance between flavours techniques and cultures. Now we balance flavours better through experimentation. There are many ways to cook and enhance dishes and once we begin to explore old techniques realise how much salt played a part in these techniques, especially in the Eastern cooking cultures, which is very obvious.

My goal in life is to expose the bad salts and stay away from them and teach people this as well as educate them on what is a good natural occurring salts and what to look for and not just to accept this.

I am encouraged to see people resorting back to the way things were done in the past – these are small steps but it is beginning to take off and we have a chance to improve out produce and how we treat it.

Respect Food, Respect Life!

Craig Cormack (Chef Patron)