For The Love Of Wine

Air Cork

When all you’re craving is a single glass, the rest of the bottle doesn’t need to suffer a most unsavoury fate! Unlike stoppers that leave your leftover vino exposed to air, and consequently, oxygenation, this ingenious wine savour creates a protective, impermeable seal between the bottle’s contents and the taste-altering air above.

To use it, simply lower the balloon end until it just grazes the surface of your remaining wine. Give the adorable grape-shaped pump a few squeezes and the balloon will expand to the exact size of the bottle. In this airtight atmosphere leftover wine will stay at its optimal flavour for up to three days, untouched. Need more time before you pour another glass of wine? Squishing the grape cluster a few more times will give the balloon an additional boost.

When you’re ready to enjoy the wine you’ve stored, just hold the valve and the balloon will shrivel down, back to its original size.